Golem V2

Golem V2

Golem V2

Maker: Orxplorer

Release Date: February 2016

Sales: ZorbCaps sale #4 - The Carbon Mine, ZorbCaps sale #5 - Make a Wish, ZorbCaps sale #6 - The Alchemists Caravan, ZorbCaps sale #7 - The Great Unfreezing

Retail Price: $18-$35

Recorded Colorways: 21

Stem: MX, TMX

Sculpting Material: Super Sculpey


Maker Description

The Golem was the design that really made my artisan "career" take of. This cap has been made in the most colorways out of all my sculpts, and is still included in many of my sales to this day. It is still a very simple sculpt, but that is one of the reasons it is still liked by many, including myself.

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