Maker: Keyforge

Release Date: Unreleased

Sales: N/A

Retail Price: N/A

Recorded Colorways: 0

Stem: N/A

Sculpting Material: Super Sculpey Firm


Maker Description

"If you can't tell, I enjoy contrasting textures. SnaKey is actually a two-part sculpt, due to the difficulty I had making the snake like it was sitting on the ground, instead of being part of the ground. I grew up in the desert, the mud would crack and make really interesting patterns like that. and once I almost stepped on a rattlesnake on accident. I heard the noise, turned, and saw it coiled up and about to strike. Now, this might seem like I'm making this up, but the one gun that I have is a Uberti Single Action Army revolver (.45 Colt) that I carry in a leather gunbelt and holster when I go out shooting and stuff. I saw that snake, and without thinking, drew from the hip and fanned the hammer until it was dead. Was it necessary? No. Was it awesome? Yes."

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