Pyrrhic Order Osiris

Pyrrhic Order Osiris


Maker: Keyforge

Release Date: June 2016

Sales: Scythes and Scepters, Valentine's Day Apocalypse, 4/20

Retail Price: $35

Recorded Colorways: 8

Stem: MX, WolfJaw Topre

Sculpting Material: Super Sculpey Firm


Maker Description

"Have you ever seen that old Kurt Russel movie, Stargate? I used to have nightmares as a kid about being stranded in that world and being chased by a robotic pharaoh with glowing green eyes. I spent a lot of time trying to sculpt a coldness in his eyes, making me wonder if there was actually anything behind the mask (or if it was actually a mask at all). The Pyrrhic Order colorway represents Osiris at the height of his reign, while the RIXIS colorway depicts a forgotten relic of the past."

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