Sour Diesel Orochi

Sour Diesel Orochi


Maker: Keyforge

Release Date: 4/20/16

Sales: 4/20, Jade Empire

Retail Price: $50-$75

Recorded Colorways: 7

Stem: MX

Sculpting Material: Super Sculpey Firm


Maker Description

"Orochi was sculpted shortly after Shishi, because I knew he needed a friend. I wanted a rough contrast to the smoother features of the Shishi. I reworked this sculpt several times, trying to find the right placement for all of the features and detail, and actually had to put it on the shelf a few times due to other projects and sculpts getting in the way. One rainy evening, I opened the window to smell the creosote bushes (they smell amazing when it rains) and I ended up working through most of the night on Orochi. "

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