Charon Mayhem

Charon Mayhem


Maker: Keyforge

Release Date: June 2016

Sales: Scythes and Scepters, Valentine's Day Apocalypse, St Mayhem's Pub Party

Retail Price: $35

Recorded Colorways: 8

Stem: MX, WolfJaw Topre

Sculpting Material: Super Sculpey Firm


Maker Description

"Mayhem was a study in texture, as you can see and feel on the shredded sides of his cloak. I contrasted it with smooth bone, and went for a lot of detail on the skull itself. Originally, his skull was meant to be encapsulated into another key, but I liked the detail too much to sink it under other layers of resin. It was inspired by binge-watching Sons of Anarchy while I was practicing sculpting, hence the name Mayhem."

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