Fading Light Rose

Fading Light Rose


Maker: Just Another Keymaker

Release Date: September 2016

Sales: Secret Garden: Rose

Retail Price: $20

Recorded Colorways: 29

Maker Description

The rose was my first keycap that saw a full raffle sale release and what made Just Another Keymaker a well known name. The Rose was probably around the 10th keycap I sculpted while learning how to make a keycap that fit well with keycap sets(harder than one might think). The Rose for me was something different than the robots and faces that were so prevalent in the Artisan community. The rose itself was a pain to cast. Due to the deep crevices in between the leaves there was a lot of mold failure associated with its production. The rose is still one of my favorite caps and one that graces my daily driver Tex Yoda.

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