Noxious Trap Fungkey

Noxious Trap Fungkey


Maker: Just Another Keymaker

Release Date: February 2017

Sales: Magic Fungkey

Retail Price: $30

Recorded Colorways: 6

Stem: MX

Sculpting Material: Super Sculpey

Maker Description

The Fungkey was an experimentation with including special pigments and powders in keycaps. The idea was to create a sculpt that would benefit from color changing pigment. Fungkey was meant to be a magic mushroom that would change colors based on environmental conditions. Fungkey was the simplest cap to cast for us be required the most time in finishing due to it's unique shape. For this sale we worked on creating definite colorways as well as larger batches of caps per colorway with some having over 30 caps per color. The Magic Fungkey sale was out largest sale to date in terms of caps produced.

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